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A growing number of reports indicate that tea has beneficial effects on blood pressure in various animal models. As early as 1984, Henry et al. investigated the effect of decaffeinated tea on chronic psychosocial hypertension in CBA mice. They found that tea polyphenols (not caffeine) reduced blood pressure from 150 to 133 mmHg. Negishi et al. evaluated the hypotensive effect of black and green tea polyphenols by using a stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive (SHR) rat model. The male rats were divided into three groups: the control group consumed tap water (30 mL/d); the black tea polyphenol group (BTP) consumed water containing 3.5g/L thearubigins, 0.6 g/L theaflavins, 0.5 g/L flavonols and 0.4 g/L catechins; and the green tea polyphenol group (GTP) consumed water containing 3.5 g/L catechins, 0.5 g/L flavonols and 1 g/L polymetric flavonoids. The telemetry system was used to measure blood pressure, which was recorded continuously every 5 min for 24 h. During the daytime, SBP and DBP were significantly lower in the BTP and GTP groups than in the controls. As the amounts of polyphenols used in this experiment correspond to daily consumption of tea consumers, regular consumption of black and green tea may provide some protection against hypertension in humans.

In conclusion, the bulk of evidence suggests that consumption of both green and black tea is associated with reductions in blood pressure, despite the negative results of some studies . Many factors may influence the effect of tea consumption on blood pressure in human population studies. For example, the duration of tea consumption has an important impact on blood pressure. In a cohort of Norwegian men and women, higher consumption of black tea was associated with lower SBP


A tea cup of hot water, two sachets a day one in the morning and one at night.



A pack contain 20 sachets of hypertension herbal tea for twenty Thousand Naira (20000)


2 packs contains 40 sachets of hypertension herbal tea for thirty five Thousand Naira (35000)


3 packs contains 60 sachets of hypertension herbal tea for fifty Thousand Naira (50000) 


6 packs contains 120 sachets of hypertension herbal tea for hundred Thousand Naira (100000)

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